• A Oct 27, 2016 · Dalam tulisan ini akan dijelaskan mengenai laporan praktikum plasmolisis Rhoeo discolor dengan variabel berupa daun Rhoeo discolor ditetesi larutan gula. Untuk referensi buku maupun jurnal plasmolisis Rhoeo discolor dalam kegiatan praktikum ini bisa ditelusuri sendiri sesuai dengan pencarian masing-masing. Berikut adalah contoh laporan praktikum plasmolisis dan deplasmolisis pada Rhoeo ...
  • This plant is also known as Rhoeo discolor and more frequently in the horticulture trade as Rhoeo spathacea. The species name is a Latin word referring to the spathe-like large bracts which envelope the flower. It is a very attractive foliage plants.
  • Antimicrobial Activity of Rhoeo discolor Phenolic Rich Extracts Determined by Flow Cytometry Article (PDF Available) in Molecules 20(10):18685-18703 · October 2015 with 1,232 Reads
  • BMEIOSIS in Rhoeo discolor growing under temperate conditions has been described by Bhaduri 1, Darlington 2,3, Sax 4, Sax and Anderson 5 and by Kato 6, but the last-named author's work has not been ...
  • C Nov 26, 2014 · Plasmolysis is a typical response of plant cells exposed to hyperosmotic stress. The loss of turgor causes the violent detachment of the living protoplast from the cell wall. The plasmolytic process is mainly driven by the vacuole. Plasmolysis is reversible (deplasmolysis) and characteristic to living plant cells.
  • Aug 30, 2017 · AIM: To demonstrate plasmolysis and de-plasmolysis in peels of Rhoeo leaf in hypertonic and hypotonic solution using sodium chloride. REQUIREMENTS: Rhoeo leaf, glass slides, cover slips, dropper, sodium chloride, filter paper. THEORY: When a plant cell is placed in a concentrated salt solution, water from the cell sap flows out due to exosmosis.
  • (Note the hexagonal cells. The pairs of crescent -shaped cells are guard cells of the stomatal pore. When the leaf is actively photosynthesizing and water is abundant, the guard cells are swollen or turgid, and the stoma is consequently open. When photosynthesis and water become limiting, guard cells collapse,thus closing the stoma.) 5.
  • Observe the individual cells and make a sketch of the cells showing the cell wall and cell membrane. (observation 1) With the help of dropper put the sucrose solution on the slide by the sides of cover-slip so that it reaches the peel under the cover-slip. Examine the peel again after 10 mins. (observation 2)
  • Rhoeo discolor is commonly known as Moses-in-the-cradle and Three-man-in-a-boat, which is belongs from Commelinaceae family. Central America is considered as native region of this plant but now appear in most parts of worlds due to several advantages.
  • Dpollen mother cells and somatic cells from young ovules of Rhoeo discolor. This material was chos- en because of its large chromosomes and in- teresting meiotic behaviour, i.e. formation of a ring or a chain involving often all the 12 chromo- somes. In addition, the pericentric heterochroma- tin was known in this species (COLEMAN 1941).
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