Re: G2 igniter unit bypass I currently have a hei unit on my g2, runs at static 2 degrees btdc, works for cheap but as you can guess, no power. I have all the hardware and the pickup coil signal conditioner work done for a Arduino ignition, working on coding currently.
  • A hi daniel i hope you dont mindf me going off piste a bit , i have an agility rs50 2t and it has a cdi in the normal place,then under the floor it has a secondary box which is smaller,is this an ecu and can you tell me what it does and how i can test it thanks for you brill items they are very interesting warm regards ray
  • 10. If you have no spark and your trigger tests ok, your stator tests ok and you have trimmed the plug wires then we're looking at a possible bad CDI box There is no real good way to test the CDI other than swapping the box out with a known good CDI box. 11. Specificly on Battery EFI sleds here is another thing to check.
  • Many people ignore their warning lights, and over time this can cause more costly damage to the vehicle. Knowing some of the common symptoms that turn on the light and how to reset it can help you to avoid more serious problems. Part 1 of 6: Why the Check Engine Light comes on. The Check Engine Light can come on for any number or reasons.
  • BJun 02, 2015 · 6_2_15, Universal Honda ATV CDI hack, for Quads, ATCs, motorcycles, and pit bikes, I have tested it on Honda and a China pit bike, should work on anything that uses a pulse generator, to set ...
  • C Enquire about Vespa GTS / GTV / GT 125 - 200cc Immobilizer Bypass CDI. Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Your Telephone. Your Enquiry (required) Which is bigger, 2 or 8? Related products. Immobiliser Bypass CDI for Speedfight, SV and Elyseo 50cc / 100cc.
  • Reverse Limiter Bypass FYI: To defeat the reverse rev-limiter (as dangerous as it maybe) you have to cut the BLACK/RED wire at the CDI ignition module. Leave this wire disconnected. The reverse light will still function normally, however the ignition will always think you are in a forward gear.
  • Product Overview Dynatek has introduced the ARC-2 for 4 cylinder Automobile applications. This CDI ignition is capable of producing over 50, 000 Volts at the spark plug, and has the highest spark energy of any CDI on the market. It is designed to optimize the ignition of the modified vehicles, providing the strong spar
  • You can use CDI Electronics Multi Meter test card (CDI P/N 511-9800) to verify your meter’s function and calibration. ... Replacing just one switch box can result in damage to the engine if the ...
  • So, I do a lot of custom stuff, and a client calls me and wants to put a new 300 GTS engine in his vintage Ape. Well, 2 vintage Ape's. Trying to make this as easy and reliable as I can for him, and want to bypass the whole immobilizer key thing. Anyone have a lead for having the CDI reset to not need the key input, or just a bypass toggle switch?
  • DYou cant go into capacitor operation and talk about "wringing out the cap" and convince people your box can produce more power then your consuming. You cant take your .375 amps per second and turn it into 150MJ of spark output. Its impossible. There's not enough power, and there's not enough time. I noticed every time a new CDI box comes out ...
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